Human Rights that Australia has to have

About a Bill o'Rights and Getting Started

2018 and the reality of the social failures and the sexual abuse of children is alarming and has shocked and immobilised Australia. The lack of leadership is very evident along with the evidence o their attempts to take away the rights of those who have been denied their rights for decades.

An evidence based reasoned humanitarian response to Getting Started and developing the best Bill of Rights possible for all Australians

Our thanks to you

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Getting started with your interest and your support

Getting started is about getting your interest in this. What do we need to do to obtain your support and interest? Let us know as we have no intentions of acting in the ways of the religious. We want to listen and we want to implement so that we get real reform

Tasks that lay ahead of us

Our initial task has been to set up these pages and start the job of adding in content and then proof reading and discussing the content of each page so that we are sure that describes the best we can achieve and that it also describes the best we aim to achieve. We aim to do things differently.

We want to be able to purchase in services that will sere to get us out into th public arena - we have a need for a press kit (Press Kit)

Will we hear from you?

We want to hear from you if you are a survivor of directly affected by these abuses and you have renounced the Churches and their criminal psychotic behaviours Contact Us)

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