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An evidence based reasoned humanitarian response to the evidence disclosed by the Royal Commission


Why Australia needs a Bill of Rights

When we talk of Community we mean all Australians with the exception of those who continue to belong to or support those Institutions identified by the recent Royal Commission as having been engaged in the sexual abuse of children or in the covering up sex crimes and crimes against women and children.

Get involved in building the safest Bill of Rights for Australians by giving them the best that an evidence based Bill of Rights can give us. Understand Why we need a Bill of Rights in Australia.


What should a Bill of Rights include

A Bill of Rights sets out the rules so that the rights of children and the rights of victims and the rights of religion come after the rights of Australians. A Bill of Rights would describe how the child has rights and that it is the responsibility or parents to protect those rights. Children do not belong to their parents as they did under the toxic ideas of religion. Parents have a responsibility to protect their children and to speak the truth to them. A Bill of Rights should also protect women , the vulnerable and any others from exploitation from any quarter. Initial Draft


Endorsed by survivors of abuse from across more than 1000 Institutions

Endorsed by survivors of abuse from across the 1000 Institutions Survivor Endorsement

Get involved in building the safest Bill of Rights for Australians and their children by joining a working party. Supporter Endorsement Membership

The beginnings of documenting our journey to full recognition and enshrinement in Australian laws not only the Universal declaration on Human Rights but also protect those laws here in Australia so that #NeverAgain can children be accessed by those who seek to use them for religious purposes or se crimes..


Children & Human Rights Obligations

No child is born tainted, nor does an attached label of race, creed or religious affiliation create a child that is either less worthy or more entitled to care and affection.

All children are born with the right to explore their full potential, gender is not to be used as a determinant of worth.

A child should be permitted, encouraged to explore a wondrous world. Not concrete jungles and urban ghettos. Children & Human Rights Obligations


Veterans and those who serve their fellow Australians

Make sure veterans also are treated with compassion and that their Human Rights are protected along with access to the best possible treatments Veterans

Give and get support, fund raise, direct input, developers, and much much more.Find a Group


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Taking advantage of data, and accessibility today we aim for technical excellence with universal uptake capability Link 1

Science and evidence with technical excellence in the hands of survivors with support and knowledge from evidence based systems and individual providing an standard not achievable in a religion context. Putting into action the desires of survivors for #NeverAgain.Technological excellence

An evidence based reasoned humanitarian response to the evidence disclosed by the Royal Commission

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